Provably Fair

Luckygames uses a verification system that allows players to check the integrity of every bets and confirm they have not been manipulated. Random numbers are generated by the use of two seeds: Server Seed and Client Seed. The Server Seed is hashed and shown before the game begins. Since you choose your own Client Seed, there is no way for us to alter the outcome without the verification failing.

Game Process (Balls, Dice, Roulette)

How to Verify

A lucky number is generated by the following script in order to determine the value of the win. You may verify the integrity of the number by using this script:

$devider = 11; /* for game Balls */
$devider = 100; /* for game Dice */
$devider = 37; /* for game Roullete */

$result_seed = hash_hmac('sha512', $server_seed, $client_seed);
$result_number = hexdec(substr($result_seed,0,10));
$lucky_number = abs($result_number % $devider);